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Technological developments and advancements particularly in the Software & Information Technology, spreading globalization, cutthroat & fierce competitions, etc. have changed the very way of doing business substantially in the present time. Outsourcing and offshore outsourcing have become the modern and refined way of doing businesses. An ever-increasing number of companies, and almost all large companies and corporations are preferably outsourcing their financial and accounting services, for the increased ease & convenience, and efficient & expedient management of their available resources and time.

Our Accounts Outsourcing services are ingenious, elegant, and exclusive enough to boost the productivity and overall profitability of your organization, and are very scrupulously designed to suit appropriately the diverse global business needs and styles. Our well-rounded support services are offered at rather reasonable and competitive charges and include Bookkeeping and general accounting services, Payroll services, Drafting of financial statements, Tax planning and returns, Cash forecasting, and various other ancillary services.

Bookkeeping & General Accounting Services
We with very scrupulously undertake the drawing and maintenance of the Daily, Monthly, or Quarterly Accounts Status, as per the various requirements and specifications of our clients & customers, and according to the IGAAPs.

Preparation of Financial Statements
Collection, compilation, and scrupulous inspection of all financial & accounting data, for the purpose of updating the company records and for preparing the statutory annual financial reports utilized in auditing

Payroll Services
Our Payroll service includes an extensive range of activities for the execution and maintenance of company operations and business. Such Services include the preparation of monthly salary slips of the employees, administration of commissions, applicable salary incentives for individual employees, preparation of accounts for monitoring & reimbursing staff expense, and also the bonus payments. Moreover, we also work out the insurance premiums and pensions of ex- and existing employees.

Tax Planning & Returns
We extend elegant information, counsel, and support in respect of the Tax Planning and filing of Returns, in order to execute the same punctually, most productively, and effectively. Our expedient back-office support compiles and calculates the filing of all sales taxes, periodic income taxes, and various types of pertinent returns. Information & counsel about applicable rebates and tax deductions, according to the current legal framework & policies, are very carefully, precisely, and punctually provided to the business clients by us.

Cash Forecasting
This visionary service involves the understanding of the business cash flow, and forecasting the cash requirements of the business, on the basis of diverse comparative, possible arithmetic models. Our Cash Forecasting services help substantially in planning the future business investments and devising policy frameworks.